Who let the gnome out?!?

Auglath's Last Stand

Weh all da white dragons at?

We barely take a moment to rest before we press on. The Kobold Skirmisher that earlier escaped death at our hands in the corridor has surely alerted his murder that intruders are upon them. As we round the corridor, we notice a large double door at the far end. Avanta listens at the door and hears murmurs from the other side. Death waits… Our plan is simple…Avanta will open one of the doors while hiding behind the other door. Upon its opening, Peleous, Erich, and Kerric are going to unleash their ranged spells (Eldritch Blast, Grasping Tide, and Twin Strike.) Auglath is positioned by the door and is readying his Strength of Stone smash against the first thing he sees. One of these days, we would love to see our battle plans executed with military precision. But, true to form, our entry could best be likened to that of a carriage of fools, rather than a war party. To begin, Avanta failed his stealth approach, opening the door before checking the hinges for rust. The resulting creak would have woken the dead with its nails-on-chalkboard effect. As the door opens, three armed and battle-ready Kobolds eyed us angrily. Okay…so we need to work on our stealth. Regardless, the pieces are in play… Auglath bursts through the door and instantly kills a Kobold minion with his greataxe. Avanta dazzles his draconic foe with his bladed “swing” dancing and runs another minion through. We continue to make our way into the dwarven chamber and are met by more Kobolds and a young white dragon sitting upon a throne. Peleous begins the attack by blasting a Kobold with Eldritch energy. The Kobold smokes but doesn’t fall. To our surprise, we realize that we have come to battle with a new class of Kobolds…Slyblades! The surprise doesn’t faze us too long, as Erich follows Peleous’s attack with a Grasping Tide. The wave hits three of the murderous beasties, killing another minion. Kerric focuses fire on the Slyblade previously affected by Peleous attack, hitting the creature. The creature still stands, and yes, he is bloodied! The sure footed Kobolds avoid the after effects of Erich’s spell and move in to attack. The result is that we meet the Kobolds head on. Our positioning is reminiscent of a Revolutionary War face off with the Kobolds forming a line on one side and our party forming an opposing line across from them. The concentration to quick-step over the watery floor must have inadvertently affected the Kobolds’ concentration, because, despite their sure-footedness, each of the 5 Kobolds who engaged us MISSED!!! During the exchange of blades, we were able to identify yet another new class of Kobolds…minion cleavers. Avanta, maneuvers to upstage our audience. His deft maneuvering was for naught as Avanta missed with his Vicious Mockery, but incurred an opportunity attack from Kobold #5 (K5), who took a slice out of him. The answer to the [Dark]Age-old question of, “hey, weh all da white dragons at?” came in the form Syxfia, who flew in behind her army. The ice-cold, overgrown lizard wasted no time and, with absolutely no regard for her minions, B-slapped the entire lot of us with her breath. Peleous, Kerric, Avanta, and K6 all took an icy back hand to the skull, while K2, K3, and K4 literally froze their tails off and perished. Avanta tried to hold on, but there wasn’t enough meat on our gnomic compatriot to keep save him from Hypothermic death. In a tribute to our previous fallen comrade, we hear Avanta’s final death dirge of “F-F-F-f-f-f-frost k-k-k-k-kills litt-t-t-t-le people…..AAAAAAaaaaarrrghhh” Peleous and Kerric barely hold on, and are weakend from the blast. Auglath, who fortunately was able to avoid the arctic blast, rushes to challenge Syxfia. He weaves his way around an opportunity attack from K1, and thunderously rams into the young dragoness, inflicting some damage to her. More importantly, however, she is surprised and overwhelmed at the vicious attack and retreats back 20 feet away from the party. The dragoness had obviously identified herself as the obvious threat, and the party knew that another blast like the last one would certainly spell our doom. We all knew that we had to focus our attention upon her, to the exclusion of all other immediate threats. Peleous starts the assault, and flicks venom upon her. We are amazed at how dexterous the dragoness is, for she is able to dodge the death spittle. Peleous recasts the Flickering Venom spell again, and she evades once again. The Slyblade (K1) engaged against Peleous, however, doesn’t miss his opportunity to strike against Pel, and hits him. Erich and Kerric realize that they need to gather up Avanta’s seemingly lifeless body and fall back to a more defensive position. Kerric shifts to the side thus opening a kill zone for Erich’s Grasping Tide. The extraction is flawless, as the deluge crashes upon K1, K7, and the Skirmisher with enough force to flatten them. Only K1 gets up. Meanwhile, Kerric applies his elven skills to bring Avanta from the brink. “Stay away from the spotlight, little one. You’ll get to play your death scene someday…but not today!” Avanta eyes flicker, and the gnome begins to come around. Avanta sits up, and noticing the bloody auras around his friends, casts a Majestic Word to Peleous, the most damaged of us all. Alas, had Avanta waited for just a few moments more, he would have seen events transpire which may have altered his decision because the dragon, having been stunned by Auglath’s vicious attack, ferociously lunges at Auglath. She gouges Aug with both of her claws, and takes a chomp at his side. Aug reels back in absolute pain. Syxfia does not waste a moment’s opportunity and swipes and bites again. The attack is horrifying as one of Syxfia’s claws nearly takes Aug head off. The giant warden falls…a heap of flesh at the dragon’s feet. The Slyblade attempts an attack against Erich, but slices at air. Seeing the opportunity present itself, Erich morphs into his bear form and Pounces upon the Slyblade, crushing the life out of him. Having been rejuvenated by Avanta’s Majestic Word, Peleous casts a Flickering Venom spell at Syxfia and is successful. The dragon’s hide begins to sizzle. Another two of Kerric’s arrows find their mark against Syxfia. However, in his weakened state, the arrows can barely stick and do about half the damage that was originally intended. Kerric closes his eyes, goes into half-second long trance, and wards off the weakening effects of the dragon’s previous ice attack. Avanta casts his majestic word upon Auglath in an effort to revive our fallen brother. Unfortunately, Syxfia’s superior draconic senses notices Aug’s warm life glow, and ravages Aug again. Both of her claws rip into Aug and her bite takes another chunk out of his other side. The valiant Warden falls dead at Syxfia’s feet…again. Peleous runs by Syxfia and shouts his new, albeit somewhat inappropriate, battle cry…”Touch Me! Touch Me!” (Twas a adage he learned from his mentor’s son, Mai Koljak.) He incurs an opportunity attack from her, and is fortunate that she misses. She, however, is snapped by the shock of Peleous’s Dark Spatial Aura charge. Peleous attempts a riposte with an Eldritch Blast, but he misses. Erich unleashes his Frost Flash encounter spell and hits the dragon. The damage is slight, but, more importantly, she is immobilized. Kerric lets another two arrows fly, but they both miss. Fearing for his life, Kerric rushes to hide behind the open door. Avanta unleashes his Stirring Shout daily power, but he too misses. Curious to see what Kerric is doing behind the door, Avanta decides to “investigate.” The dragon, being immobilized, and not having any foes within range, ravages Aug’s lifeless body. Her claws rip into Aug’s body and her bite rends him in half. It is obvious to us that there is no way to save Aug from final death. A barely audible, and impish sounding “sucks to be him” can be heard from behind the door. Syxfia angrily peers around and notices the carnage around her, and realizes her fatal mistake in killing off her minions in her attempt to blast the lot of us. Peleous begins our coordinated attack with an Eldritch Blast, but misses. Erich also misses with his Pounce attack. Kerric pokes his head from around the door and lands two arrows into the dragon. He takes another attack and lands another arrow. Avanta, seeing his chance against the very bloody dragon, invokes his War Song Strike, stabs Syxfia, and cheers as the dragoness falls dead. “Look guys, I killed me a dragon. “ Avanta then begins some heretoforth unseen ritual as he thrust and pumps his wee hips into Syxfia’s lifeless face. “Can you feel it, HUH? That’s right, take it all, bee-yatch!“ Our battle weary looks are matched only by our amazement, as the three of us remaining look at each other. Kerric smilingly says, “Aug gives his life in battle, and Av is credited with the death. Who knew that being reamed by a toothpick would spell instant death to an Ice Dragon?” “Duuuuudes, it looks like an ant trying to violate and Oliphant.” Erich exclaims. Ear Total: Minions (Cleavers): 8 Slyblades: 2 Skirmisher

Dragon’s head (Syxfia)

Experience: 800 XP (200 XP / each) Money / Treasure: - Dwarven Bear Rug: +1 to defenses when standing on it (+2 when dwarves use it) - 200 SP - 100 GP - Staff of Warmage (with real gemstone): +1 to attack/damage, extra 1d8 on crit, Increase blast/burst by 1 (Daily)

The battle at the mining site entrance, the battle with the Wyrm priest in the hallway, and this last battle with Syxfia had taken its toll upon us, and we decided to take a much needed rest. We first gathered what was left of Aug, and prepared him for burial for when we returned from further exploration of the mine. We patched our wounds, barricaded the entrances, established a watch order, and settled in for the night. Several hours later, we awoke to a beastly roar and the sound of claws skittering across the stone floor. We sprung ready for action. “What happened?” we asked Erich. “A Kobold infiltrated our area. I saw him as he tried to sneak by, but when he noticed me, he made a break for the other door. And got away.” “He got away? You mean, you saw him as he was HALFWAY into our room, and charged. The other door was barricaded, but still he was able to force the lock, open the door and let himself out???” “I sort of slipped <fumbled>” Erich responded. “Forget this,” grumbled Peleous. “I’ll start my watch early since, OBVIOUSLY, Erich isn’t much of a sentinel.” The party tried to go back to sleep. Luckily, slumber would come quite naturally to all, as everyone was quite exhausted from the day’s previous encounters. During Peleous’ watch, he notices the door to the yet unexplored room crack slightly open. Drawing his sword and preparing a spell under his breath, Peleous readies himself to do battle. Peleous catches a glimpse of an additional three Kobolds. But, they see him too, and quickly re-close the door. The resulting “THUD” once again awakens the stalwart crew. “What now?” Kerric asks. “We’ve a few guests just on the other side of the door. It would seem as they are more interested in avoiding a conflict with us, however. Still, we are in no real condition for another fray,” Peleous reported. We discovered that the door behind which the Kobolds barricaded themselves opens out. Peleous and Kerric moved the throne in front of the door, and tied a rope from the door to the chair. This was to serve as a makeshift “alarm” should the Kobolds attempt another retreat. The remainder of the night was uneventful for Peleous. “Have you had quiet guard,” Kerric inquired. “Not a Kobold stirring,” said Peleous. We, ourselves, are barely able to stand; and, the Kobolds seem to be unaware of our condition. Best to leave them be, for now. The battle will come soon enough. Rest, friend Peleous. I will take the watch,” Kerric responded. Nothing else happened on Kerric’s watch, but while on patrol, he notices that the rope to the chair has been cut. “Sneaky little nuggets, aren’t they,” he thinks to himself. Avanta is next on the watch. Kerric briefs him of the evening’s trials before taking his respite. Fueled by his victory over the dragoness, the gnome posts himself by the door, vowing that nothing shall escape the sentinel and true avouch of his gnomic eyes. Indeed, an attempt was made to disarm the “alarm,” and Avanta crashes down upon the draconic arms and breaks the errant weapon. The din of the episode was too much. “I will be surprised if we live to see another day,” exclaimed Erich. “How you dudes survive your battles with such little rest is beyond me.” “We might as well arm ourselves,” said Peleous. “It is now daybreak, and I have little faith that the Kobolds will allow us to rest much more.” “Yes,” agreed Kerric. “Okay, here’s the plan…Avanta will stay to one side of the double door. Upon our signal, he will open the other side of the door. Kerric, Erich and I will prepare our range weapons, and…” “Wait,” exclaimed Avanta. “This sounds exactly like our previous plan.” “Yes. Except this time, it’s going to work,” said Peleous.

AND SO THE PLAN WORKED!!!!...(sort of). Avanta opened the door to the Kobold sleeping quarters. Apparently, with the death of their mistress, the remaining Kobolds were frightened, for they knew that they were no match for whatever could kill Syxfia and their draconic brethren. Escape was their only way to live. But, having barred them from that option, the remaining Kobolds lay in wait for their deaths at our swords. They would not go without a fight, however. When Avanta opened the door, he was instantly met by three Kobold cleaver minions. Two of the cleavers scored minor hits against Avanta. Two Kobold slingers beat us at our own game and the first slinger was able to hit Kerric with a glue pot, while a second glue pot, slung by the a second slinger, hit Erich. A Slyblade attacks but misses Peleous. Peleous tries to counter the Slyblade’s attack as the Slyblade maneuvers around him, but Peleous misses the scurrilous creature. Erich recovers from the surprise and summons a chill wind. Two of the three cleavers adjacent to Avanta fall dead upon the icy blast, but Avanta also takes damage from the blast. Peleous, our touchy-feely comrade, attempts a Reapers Touch on the slyblade and misses. Kerric unleashes two arrows upon the slyblade. Both find their mark and do excruciating damage. Kerric remains immobile. He is still unable to loose his footing from the effects of the glue. Avanta gloriously hums the show tune from “Leave it to Beaver” as his warsong strike lands upon the final Kobold at the door. The death dirge of the remaining cleaver is now one with the “Beaver.” Avanta casts a Majestic Word upon himself, and infused with new life, charges the nearest slinger. The Slinger (S1), aware of the little one’s impending melee, hurls a glue pot at Avanta and hits him. Avanta is stuck in mid stride. S2 likewise hurls a glue pot at Erich and scores a critical hit upon Erich, immobilizing him as well. Erich, not to be outdone by the scaly creatures, casts a Frost Flash against S2, and hits and immobilizes him. The Slyblade and Peleous continue their “homon”-erotic dance and the slyblade scratches Pel. In the ensuing struggle, the slyblade was able to patch his bleeding wound suffered earlier from Kerric’s arrow. Pel responds to the slyblade’s attack by flicking his tongue at him and spitting venom. The love loogi misses. Kerric sends an additional two arrows against the Slyblade. Both hit and one of the arrows finds the slyblade’s eye socket. The Slyblade falls dead at Erich’s feet. Erich gives Kerric a “thumbs up, dude.” Smilingly, Kerric frees himself from the glue. Avanta mockingly says to S1, “hey, is that a sling, or did your mother lose one of her bras?” S1 pays no attention to Avanta and loads another missile. S2 hurls a pot towards Kerric, but the pot sails wide of the elf. S1, unfazed by Avanta’s taunting, hits Peleous with a pot. Peleous, now unencumbered by his previous melee with the now dead Slyblade, flicks venom at S2. Not only does he miss, but attempting to expectorate at such close quarters incurred an attack from the slinger. S2 hits, and we are surprised as Eldritch energy leaps from Peleous to the slinger. “Gotcha!” snickers Peleous as his Dark Spatial Aura zaps S2. Kerric, too, is in close quarters and is forced to attack with his blades. Though not as proficient as with his bow, the elf still manages to hit and cause S2 some pain. Avanta, merrily sings of impending victory as his Warsong Strike strikes S1. Two additional Kobold minions pour out from the sides of the room, and attempt to surround us. The first minion scores a hit against Kerric. The second hits Erich. Meanwhile, S2 winds up and pegs Kerric with a bullet to the head. S1 attempts to do the same, but Kerric is lucky to avoid a second pelting. Erich responds with a chill wind against K1 and S2. The minion dies instantly, and S2 is shifted into a flanked position. Peleous finally perfects his “touch” and kills S2. Kerric exchanges a volley with S1, and kills the last slinger with two mortally placed arrows. Avanta ends the melee with Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” as he runs the last minion through. After wiping our swords clean of Kobold blood (and after Kerric retrieved the arrows that he could), we search the rooms. Bursting through the east door, we entered into a library. We didn’t find any magical tomes, but we did happen upon two barrels of ale. It wasn’t terribly satisfying, but it did quench our thirst. Kerric discovers and picks the lock to a west door. It revealed a staircase descending further into the mines. We finally meander into the Kobolds’ sleeping quarters. We deduced that this was where the Wyrm Priest’s slept. We found and successfully opened the medium chest in his room.

Ear Total: Minions (Cleavers): 3 Slyblades: 1 Slingers: 2 Minions: 2

Experience: 536 XP (144 XP / each) Money / Treasure: Two Barrels of Ale: 35 GP Gold Pieces: 5 (1 GP each) Silver Pieces: 15 (6 SP each) Copper Pieces: 20 (7 CP each) Vial



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