Who let the gnome out?!?



In the heat of battle, Kerric fires 4 arrows into DG2. Although three find their mark, the ethereal nature of the ghosts, compounded by the low light, of our battleground wrecks havoc with Kerric’s aim, and he is only able to nick the ghost . Erich casts his Grasping Tide spell and kills SK11. DG1 avoids this diluvian attack by levitating above the deluge. DG2 sizzles when Peleous’ venom lands upon its ghostly flesh. Peleous continues his onslaught against the ghosts and performs his spiteful, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” gyration for DG1. Fortunately for DG1, he was preoccupied with Noname. Those of us who weren’t so fortunate took psychic damage from the hope-to-never-see-again-in-this-lifetime performance. And to make matters infinitely worse, an additional four skeletons appear. Our resident “meat shield,” Noname, musters the strength for another Brute Strike against DG2, but again misses. The ghosts move into position against Noname. As the ghosts try to slip past, Noname takes wild swings at the wraiths. Confused by the swirling mists around him, Noname mis-handles his blade and takes a chunk of his thigh while trying to stab DG2. He fares better against DG1 as the ghost feels the sting of Noname’s sword. Once in position, the ghosts unleash their ghoulish attack upon Noname, causing him severe pain. Meanwhile, Thulland shatters another skeleton warrior (SK16). Avanta sings Noname another healing lullaby, and the warrior rises up in renewed spirit. Shouting profanities too vile for our virgin ears to comprehend, Avanta Stirs the rest of us into action with his well timed spell against DG1. The evil lurking in the room had obviously shaken the Elven Archer, for he still cannot hit with his arrow volleys. Erich, however, is making up for the archer’s misses and is able to fell SK10 and SK14 with his Chill Wind spell. Peleous unleashes a blast of Eldritch Energy and blasts DG2 for some damage. Noname and Erich deftly dodge the skeleton’s counterattack, but Kerric takes a critical hit from SK13. The elf is stunned. Noname attempts to cleave into DG1. The ghosts ethereal state is proving to be a great challenge for the fighter as he misses again. However, the ghosts aren’t as unskilled, as they continue to pummel Noname with their attacks. Thulland, de-bones another skeleton (SK13). Avanta tries taunting another skeleton to death. His cunningly crafted words are lost. Donning his new crown, Avanta attempts to mind control the skeletons. Other than feeling “really good” about himself, there is no noticeable effect as the skeleton warriors press their attack.

The stunning effects of the SK18’s hit robbed Kerric of his focus. He maneuvers away to regain his battle face. Erich Pounces against SK17 and crushes him underfoot. Peleous drops his guard and brazenly walks up to SK15, and dares him to take a swing. SK15, being a brainless, undead monster, sees only “meat” and takes a swipe at Pel. Pel’s Dark Spatial Aura fries SK15 to a crisp. Turning his attention to DG2, Peleous tries to cast an Eldritch Blast, but misses. Changing his tactic, Noname uses a Sure Strike attack against DG1. The strike surely hits, but only results in a mere scratch. Both DG1 and DG2 continue to use Noname as their tackling dummy as the land hits against the brawny fighter. Thulland, having skillfully dispatched the skeletons around him, rushes to DG2 and strikes at him. This time, however, Thulland misses. Avanta, Triumphantly Shouts at DG1, hits the ghost, and pushes him into a flanked position. The Shout missed DG2.

Kerric regains his composure and burns his Daily Power and attempts to Split the Tree. One arrow finds its target and dissolves the last skeleton SK18. The other arrow sails wide of DG2, misses him, and gets stuck in the wall. Kerric attempts another shot, calling forth his Elven Accuracy. Unfortunately, Kerric’s vision was still blurred due to the beating the elf took at the hands of SK18, and he missed DG2 again. Erich Pounced upon DG1…and missed. Peleous hit DG2 with his Reaper’s Touch. Noname tries smash the ghosts with another Brute Strike attempt and misses again. The ghosts guffaw at the ineffectiveness of the meat shield, and pound him again for moderate damage. Thulland swings at DG2, and misses. “Hey ghost! I inhaled your mother…she feels reeeeeealllll good inside me!” mocks Avanta. DG2 raises a brow at Avanta’s comment and seems somewhat pained by the offense.

Kerric, having been, and still remaining very ineffective during this whole battle, is finally able to hit DG2 for a whopping 5 HP! (Wow…I guess we need to bake a cake…). Erich leaps in the air to Pounce upon the ghosts. He misses DG1 again. Peleous runs past DG2 and irritates the ghost with his bug zapper shock. Noname, changing tactics, calls forth a Sure Strike attack and hits DG1. The ghosts retaliate and skewer Noname. Thulland, less effective against the ghosts than he was with the skeletons, misses DG2. “I have farted more effective gas than you ghosts,” mocks Avanta. DG2 howls at the insult and dissipates in pain as Avanta’s comment sends the ghost to his eternal rest.

Kerric tries an Evasive Strike maneuver and misses DG1. Erich, crouches, and Pounces onto DG1, causing minimal damage. Peleous, showing us the effect of not hugging your children when they are young, rushes past DG1. The ghost reaches forth and touches the fine young warlock, and gets his fingers shocked. The ghost attempts to retaliate, but the tease scurries away unharmed. Noname finally connects with his Brute Strike. Unfortunately, the damage is very light. DG1 moves toward Avanta to exact revenge for his ghostly brother-in-arms. As he moves past Noname, he is hit by the fighter’s sword. The ghost whips around to counter Noname’s attack, but misses. Thulland connects with the ghosts skull doing him even further damage. Avanta utters a very loud and grating, “Nyah, Nyah” towards DG1. The mockery proves too much as the ghost’s eyes blaze with fury. The intensity of its anger causes ghostly blood vessels to hemorrhage.

It took the entirety of the battle, but Kerric finally finds his Elven mojo and buries two arrows into DG1. Erich coils to strike, and this time crushes DG1 under his Pounce attack. As the ghost begins to dissipate into the night, it utters its last words, “Return the stone to the resting place. Save our souls….”

Ear Total: Skeletons: 18 Ghosts: 2

Experience: 800 XP (160 XP / each) Money / Treasure: Satchel: 18 GP Journel / Ink / Quill: Contains the last entries of the dwarves Amulet: Protective Qualities Crown: (Worn by Avanta)



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